It's Thursday Night Football, and you're the star player! But something is off... you can smell a strange, rotting smell. Suddenly, hordes of zombified rival players are rushing at you! To escape and get to the end zone, you must pick your path wisely, utilize boost zones and meals to increase your energy, and avoid mud pits and tackling zombie linebackers that can slow you down. Once you lose all your energy, it's game over!

Use WASD keys to move. Click anywhere to pause while in game. There are three levels of powerup meals: watermelon gives +10% energy, hamburger gives +25% energy, and ham shank gives +50% energy. The player starts out with 50% energy and gradually loses energy while running. While running in mud pits, your speed is halved, but while running in boost zones (yellow arrows) your speed is doubled. Plan your routes wisely to make it safely to the end zone!

Note: Not all levels are in the game yet, there are only 3 levels in the Running Dead stage currently, so it won't be possible to get onto the fourth level and beyond. These will be added soon, as I am still designing new levels!

Update: I have added a lot more stuff, and it's looking close to release stage. At this current moment I am coming up with new levels, and once I finish the Running Dead stage the game will be ready for release on mobile platforms! As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback whatsover. Stay tuned!


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This is such a cool game! Haha love the part where it says boost

Is there a way to get past the cones?

Which level are you talking about? The cones are supposed to be obstacles that you can't pass through, so you'll have to find a different route

Yeah, my bad, I figured it out.  I was being an idiot